Friday, November 30, 2007

Scandalous!Tigger Crashed the Barbie Hot Tub!

Look out! The toys are getting out of control around here, and I can't guarantee that the WebKinz gorilla won't snatch that banana right out of your hand before you even get the first bite. Hey, the little yappyfluffypoodletype stuffed animals have been sprung from their purses and are constantly underfoot. The Barbies are in the bedroom plotting a scheme to lure Tigger out of their hot tub. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton have put aside their differences and joined forces against the baby dolls.
Yep, Tigger was happily bathing in the Barbie house hot tub this morning when I came into the living room. No more Hunnert Acre Wood camping out for that guy, he's hooked on the amenities now!

If you are snickering and wondering if the toys have finally driven me cuckoo, you just might be right. . . well, not insane yet, but man, oh, man, we have too much stuff in this house! I cannot shirk all of the blame onto others. I'm the one who used to feel guilty about the long hours the kids had to be at "work" with me when I worked at the daycare, so I'd buy them a toy on payday. Seemed harmless at the time, seemed like they deserved something of a little treat, and seems like I wish I'd thought that one all the way through! Of course, the kiddos also get goodies because they are the only grandkids on my side, some friends here don't have grandchildren yet and "adopted" ours, and let's not forget that my children love to go thrift store and yard sale shopping with me and Grandma. Geezopeezo, little kids can sure find a lot of bargains with three bucks in their hand.

You know what? The rest of this post could go oh so many ways. We could talk about how kids have so much more today than we had as children, and how we turned out fine. We could talk about how lucky we are that this is our "problem," and remember to be truly grateful that we have all the necessities and then some. We could talk about how our children deserve to be taught about the more important things in life, instead of always getting treats.
But, seeing Tigger lounging in the hot tub just put me in a goofy frame of mind, and I wanna talk about things like:
  • Did Barbie and Ken ever get back together?
  • How come you never see Winnie the Pooh washing his hands, and don't you imagine his fur is all sticky and matted from all those globs of honey?
  • If Squidward really hates working at the Krusty Krab so much, why doesn't he get another job? or did he get a liberal arts degree in college,too?
  • If the Cat in the Hat came to visit your house, would you be like the goldfish and tell him to go away? or would you want to play?
  • Do those WebKinz really go to sleep when you put them to bed and log out of the program, or do they flick the lights back on and call up their friends for a party?
Okay, okay, enough goofing around. Time to get to the day's work. I've got laundry and torching to do! I hope your Friday is a fun one, and I hope you got a smile from reading this :)
Later, Peace, Ang

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