Sunday, November 11, 2007

WipeOut! at the Bend in the Drive

Here I was, sitting in the pre-dawn semi-darkness, trying to find a pic to write about today, and then it hit me. I could write about the big curve at the bottom of the hill at Grandma and Granddaddy's house. Zooming in on one of the pictures I took from the top of that hill last weekend, I realized that Kate has already experienced her first wipeout on the curve. Can you see her at the bottom of the hill, Jeep stuck in the grass? James saw it first, and he ran off to the rescue. Since no injuries seemed to be involved, this traffic 'copter just spied on the action from a distance. Big brother ran down the driveway without wiping out himself on the loose gravel. There was some earnest conversation, the hood of the Jeep remained closed this time, and Kate hopped back in to steer while James pushed. A much happier ending than my wipeout on that curve some thirty years ago!

So, yeah, I still have a scar on my right elbow, and obviously haven't forgotten about it :)
Wooohoooo, remember coasting down hills on your bike? You had to be brave to let gravity take over as you perched at the top of a hill and gave the slightest of shoves with your foot. I know, I know, the really brave kids were the ones who could pedal furiously part way down the hill and then let go! When I was a kid, we actually lived across the road from the house my parents have now. My dad never did like for us to ride bikes on the road, but eventually we got big enough to make the trek down the road to Tommy and Jason's on our bicycles. Exhilarating, but treacherous, this coasting down their driveway. One afternoon, I completely lost control by the time my pink bike with the banana seat got to the bottom of the hill and into the curve. I skidded, left the skin of my elbow in the gravel, and ran into the neighbor's house crying. Tommy and Jason's mom sat me down in the kitchen, washed the wound, and talked the tears away.
My parents bought that house the year I went away to college. It's been a long time since the wipeout, to say the least, but Thank You, Evelyn, for tending the neighborkid's "tragic" wound. I can't remember what adventures the Greer and Lucas kids pursued that afternoon, probably exploring in the ditch behind the house or maybe playing tag in the barn loft, but I'm sure we had fun. . . just like James and Katie have now, roaming around Grandma and Granddaddy's farm.

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