Sunday, December 9, 2007

Building Fake Gingerbread Houses

What a way to start a Sunday morning-- using icing from a can and graham crackers to build fake gingerbread houses! It was fun, but we did have a few structural problems, as you can see from the collapsed roof on Katie's marshmallow and jelly bean creation.

We glued graham cracker squares together with the icing, then anchored them to the paper plates with more icing. After Mommy carefully painted the sides of the houses with a very thick coat of icing, James and Kate decorated them with marshmallows, jelly beans, and pieces of Twizzlers. Katie had a smiley face on one side of hers, and James had some Twizzler/licorice siding happening on his.

I know there are people who have the patience and knowledge to create incredibly elaborate gingerbread houses. Click here for proof, this is a gorgeous palace created by someone named Jackie French Koller. Wow, and that's just the beginning, I'm sure. Her name was just one of the first that came up when I googled "elaborate gingerbread houses."

After plenty of experience working with both elderly people with Alzheimer's and with children in a daycare, my take on these things has to be a little different. . . when I do these things with my kids, I tailor the activity so that it becomes something they can almost do by themselves. I also make sure to get enough materials so that I can make one of whatever the activity is, too. That way, I don't feel the need to keep tweaking and perfecting their's. That, my friends, is easier said than done if you have an ounce of creativity! Your fingers itch to grab a falling wall or straighten a stray piece of Twizzler.

We'd talk about it a little more, but I believe my graham cracker builder and the marshmallow brick layer are snitching materials from the building site! Better go put a few things away! Have a nice Sunday, stay warm and dry and happy :)

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