Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Call of the Wild...and the Tail End of the Holidays

Hey, everybody, how's your holiday going? Mine is great, but passing by much too quickly!
This is the first time I've come to town by myself (that's the big treat for me when we come to Grandma's-- gotta love the Grandma!), and I'm sitting in Panera, sipping a Jones' soda instead of the espresso I was anticipating. Argh! I just heard the espresso repairwoman drop a piece and then ask the restaurant staff, "Sooooooo, do you guys have a Lowe's or Home Depot around here?" Guess that means I might as well not plan on grabbing that espresso before I leave here, huh? Oh, well, it's still a nice afternoon.
You can probably tell I'm not in a writing groove, can't ya? Sorry to make this lone post so far this week a short one, but shopping all by myself calls! Actually, I still have three little presents to pick up, so better get to it. Hope everyone is having a great week, Ang

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