Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cape Dance Woman

Remember Abstractia from yesterday? I asked other glassy peeps at LampworkEtc what they saw in it, and I got some interesting answers. One of my favorite interpretations was that Abstractia called to mind a goddess with a flamboyant wrap, "like she's doing a Spanish dance."

I also got to talk to my friend Joan yesterday. Joan is so down-to-earth and kind, and she's a wonderful cheerleader to have on your side, too! When she tells you she likes your art, she really means it. . .and you know it, and that just makes a creative soul soar!

Well, all these ideas and thoughts were swirling in my mind when I finally got to the breezeway to torch yesterday afternoon, and it made for a great day! It was one of those torching sessions where you just know what comes out of the kiln the next morning will be as spectacular as you remember it being when you put it in the kiln.

So, there ya have it, the Cape Dance Woman and the thoughts behind her :)
And let me see if I can't hook ya up with some links to the homepages and photos of some of the wonderful people who were (unknowingly) a part of it:

Those are just the peeps who had links to their websites in their signature lines, so I gotta also say a big Thanks to everyone else who took the time to comment :) You made my day!

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