Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Nuts and Bolts of Glass

Ever wonder about the nuts and bolts of glass?
Well, this might sound nuts, but so did I. . .
Wonder about bolts in particular, that is.

I've seen lots of antique keys with beads melted right on them lately, and they are really neat(if you click here it takes you to Jayne of Badger Beads and her cool keys)!
I didn't have any old keys laying around, but I sure do have a five gallon bucket full of junk salvaged from Pop and Bubby's scrap buckets in their big shop.

By the way, if it's in Pop's or Bubby's scrap bucket, it really is scrap. . . those guys save everything that might have any possible use anytime in the future of the universe!
So, I tried a few blanks that go with the hardware on bathroom stalls, but they either didn't stick or really didn't look interesting at all.
The last thing I tried was a big old bolt.
Don't know what it goes with, but now it has a decorative glass face for a handle ;)

Now, to the nuts and bolts of my day-- get kids ready for school, take some pictures for my BeadArtists gallery pages, put something new in the Etsy shop, you get the idea.
Have a great day!

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