Saturday, December 29, 2007

Of Jimmy Neutron and Funny Little Kids. . .

Katie woke up this morning with a joke in her brain.
"Psst, Mommy, turn around here and listen to this."
So, I turned my head and looked deep into those light blue eyes, and this is what I heard:

"Roger that, big-headed kid!"

If you don't know about Jimmy Neutron, you won't get the joke, but that just happens to be one of our favorite quotes from that show. Jimmy Neutron's brain is so big that his head is huge. No one on the show mentions the big head very much, although they do count on Jimmy's brain to solve all sorts of problems. One problem involves a giant Ms. Fowl, the military, and Jimmy. As the military leader is flying to the scene, Jimmy radios a message to him and the reply is

"Roger that, big-headed kid!"

It's too funny when it comes out of the mouth of a grownup who's supposedly leading soldiers to the scene of mayhem. My kids know it makes me laugh every time, too :)
This Neutron-fest continued with made-up quotes from Jimmy's friend Carl.

" I don't know, Jimmy, I'm allergic to space. . ."

"I would Jimmy, but my mom doesn't like me exploring space without my air helmet."

There's just nothing like a good giggle with the little people! Hope your day has been a fun one, too!

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