Friday, December 28, 2007

Pashmina, the Chess Queen

She's warm.
She's caressable.
She's an heirloom in the making.
Pashmina, the Chess Queen.

This is definitely a chess piece, gotta be the ivory queen because she's so powerful and feminine at the same time. She's got an incredible texture, thanks to the properties of dark ivory Effetre glass. She's got attitude, too, thanks to me (but you already knew that, didn't ya?).
The name Pashmina comes from the Christmas present from my sister, a pashmina shawl that is soooooo caressable, soooooo warm, soooooo durable. . . and I think this particular "Pashmina" reflects many of those traits in her face.
I've been thinking about all sorts of ideas this week while I was away from the torch, and this is one of them-- instead of making an entire chess set in one fell swoop, why not make a series of extraordinary glass queens who can replace their ordinary chess piece counterparts? Each one will be a collectible, but in a very usable way. Your own signature chess piece, how's that for cool on the board?
More ideas are brewing, but the van must be unloaded. Goodness, gracious, what a lot of goodies we all got for Christmas! Yep, real life calls. . .talk to you again soon!

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