Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sunshine and Shells. . . and a few annoyingly cheery songs

Sunshine and shells, right here on the kitchen counter!

I'd love to take this picture outside, in the sunshine, but alas, it is all of 30 degrees F and the sun is not up yet! I love ya and all, but I ain't heading outdoors in my flannel pj's and fuzzy fake converse houseslippers to take another pic.

The shells and sunny colors of the beads kinda brighten things up, though, dontcha think?

Here's something else to brighten your day:

Carrot Song video

Egg Song video

They are cheery, aren't they? Almost annoyingly cheery, good thing I had my cup of coffee already. Now I want some eggs for breakfast!

Hope your Saturday is a fun one!

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