Friday, December 14, 2007

Weird Stuff. . .Brights and Not a Goddess in Sight

It's four a.m.
This picture ought to be good for keeping me awake
It just might trigger some kooky weird cartoonish cubist dreams if I go back to sleep.

Wanna guess the inspiration for these?
Long story, relatively short: Been having these strange problems involving my ear and jaw for months now. Waiting to see a doc in St. Louis. Whole thing is fairly disconcerting, makes it kinda hard to concentrate on anything else. Decided to make a funky ear mask or two. Remembered Van Gogh cutting off his ear but got him mixed up with Picasso. Not an art history buff, can you tell? Anyway, the first one reminded me of Picasso's imagery and Van Gogh's ear.
Going to put this trio on a display and call it

Pablo, Can You H(ear) Me?

Right now, though? Gonna go back to bed for a few hours. Friday is going to be rushed but fun. Gonna spend the (real) morning cleaning house, then family coming to spend the night! James and Kate are so excited to see their cousins, they've been counting down the days all week long.
Hope you have a great start to your weekend, too!

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