Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chasing the Dragon (or Having Fun Playing with Glass)

Nothing "pretty" to show you this morning, but I do have a "failure" to show you!

This is cracked attempt at a Chinese paper dragon mask. You know, the kind you see in pictures of Chinese New Year celebrations, the kind with all the bright colors undulating atop the outstretched hands of several people walking underneath it. Oh, those colors! Bold oranges, yellows, and reds accented by vibrant blues and greens and gilded with gold.

I wish I could see such a parade from the vantage point of those people underneath the dragon. Is the dragon thin enough that the sun shining on top casts a faint shadow of the colors? It would be like walking inside a kaleidoscope, with those colors for your sky and confetti beneath your feet. The spectators lining the sidewalks would be another sort of confetti, a barrage of different fabrics quilted together by the crush of the crowd.

Hmm, I like this imagination game, but some very real vibrant and colorful little people are up and it's time for breakfast! Have a bold kaleidoscope of a day!

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