Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flora's Passion for Spring

Flora's Passion for Spring

Flora is headed to St. Louis with a few more of my sculptures. She's going to be at The Argonne Gallery! Joan and Tom Elliott will be "Bringing art to the whole community" from their gallery at 101A West Argonne in Kirkwood. I am so excited! Joan's jewelry and enameling pieces, Kathy's metalsmithing and jewelry, pottery from two ceramic artists, and my glass pieces will be on display for sale when the gallery opens. (and you know I'll be sure to let you know the exact date!)

Joan is a wonderful person! She has a way with gemstones and jewelry, too! I can't wait to see her enameled copper bowls. . .and I get to talk to her today. Since I can't make it over to the gallery itself yet, I'm counting on her to fill me in on all the details :) I am so excited for Joan as she embarks on her "second career"!

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