Friday, January 11, 2008

Fuzzy Pink Slippers, Downbound Trains, and Bald Eagles

My children were awake before six o'clock this morning!! Now, the preferred mommy routine involves a wee bit of time to myself to quietly sip my coffee and maybe begin my post here for the day. Please forgive me for being particular and selfish about this, but I'd rather not start discussing Webkinz until I've had caffeine. Two reindeer, two dalmations, a white terrier, and a gorilla are all well and good (in stuffed animal form, not real ones!), but not until I've had a moment to put in my contacts, maybe go pee, and possibly turn on the kitchen lights.

Ah, but I managed to switch gears pretty quickly this morning. The kiddos and I grabbed books to read for a little while before we got up to get them ready for school. James wanted to read The Cheese by Margie Palatini. It's all about the Farmer in the Dell, except instead of letting the cheese stand alone as the song says, the rat wants to eat the cheese!

Kate and I grabbed Eagle & Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones, and we all three quickly began oohing and aahing at the majestic eagles and falcons. . . as well as ewwwwwwwwww-ing at the ugly, ugly baby owlets and baby falcons and the equally ugly grownup vultures. Okay, some owlets are ugly in a cute kinda way, as are some vultures. Others? Well, still not cute by any stretch. Oh, and the osprey with the garden snake hanging out of his beak? Double ewwwwwwww!

So, that takes care of the bald eagles mentioned in the title of today's post, but what about fuzzy pink slippers and downbound trains? Well, the gray bead/sculpture has been vexing me as I try to find a background that will really make it stand out in the picture. White? Nah, still too blah. Gray on gray? Think not. When what should I stumble across but Katie's fuzzy pink slippers-- aha! Might not do for my gallery pages or for Etsy, but by gosh, it'll sure add some pop to the blog this morning! Oh, and "Downbound Train" is the Springsteen song I was listening to yesterday as I made this melancholy but mesmerizing piece of glass. "She just said, Joe, I gotta go. We had it once, we ain't got it anymore. . . " "Last night I heard your voice, you were crying crying, you were so alone, you said your love had never died, you were waiting for me at home..." Oh, Bruce's voice sounds so haunting throughout this song, and that's the feeling I hoped to put into this girl.

There ya have it, my Friday morning :)

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