Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Hannah Montana of the Webkinz World Gives a Concert in Our Living Room

These are the stuffed animal fans, waiting patiently for Hannah Montana to take the stage. The stage was built by Katie using an old comforter stretched across a t.v. tray table and a few chairs. She also had me write "Hannah Montana" in big puffy letters so she could color it to look like lights!

And, heeeeeeeeeeeere she is, "Hannah Montana" of the Webkinz world, complete with fake yellow wig made of paper:

Heehee, don't ya love it?? Kate wanted me to make a Hannah Montana wig, but I insisted that she had to try it first. In the end, all I did was cut the holes for Katlyn's ears.

It's true, my kids get to watch too much television. I have to say that I don't think it's been entirely bad, though. They take the stories from the shows on Nick and Disney and use them as a springboard for all sorts of elaborate play with all their stuffed animals cast as characters. Then, they add more characters, and the stories evolve. So, for us, anyway, it's not a damper on imagination.

What it does do is create too much interest in material possessions. These kids are seriously spoiled, by their parents, by their families, by friends. No blame here, it's just reality. Who wants to always give a kid something practical for a gift instead of a toy? We spend a lot of time talking about how lucky they are, and about how there are kids in this world who don't have a house or enough food. That's the serious aspect.

Now, let me tell you about the funny part. My son has always been fascinated with commercials. He watches all of the commercials, and I don't mean just all of the toy commercials. He watches the informercial type ones, too. Good grief, that boy has suggested that his father might want to get that new NutriSystem plan for men! He's told me all the benefits of Debbie's Green Bags for keeping produce fresh. . . and my personal favorite, when I was feeling bad last fall, he suggested that I might want to get LifeAlert for when he and Kate are away at school and I'm here alone like an old lady! Okay, I admit to being seriously offended when he first said it, but now I laugh :)

In fact, I'm thinking I have a budding television producer and a budding set designer/all-around-artist growing up here! That's what's fun about watching kids grow, you just never know where they'll take you. . .

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Anonymous said...

That's too funny. My son does the same thing. He suggested something for me that will give you 'excellent health' and I think he recommended some type of ab exerciser. And with some magic mop, if we ordered now I could get one and daddy can have one too.

Don't get me started on the moon sand and floam. Both we got. Both were awful.