Thursday, January 10, 2008

I May Need to Put a Handle on This and Use It. . .

Hey, Joan, you are about to get a big box of glass scraps to use for your enameling and any fusing experiments! Sometime in the next few days, I have to clean off my worktable or I won't have any more room for my trusty butter knife and other sculpting tools!

A huge shovel might be the quickest way to accomplish the deed, too. Stringer, stringer scraps, bits of cracked glass, short ends of rods that I'm too lazy to fuse together so I can use them down to the tiniest nubs. . . it's all there, on top of my beautiful stainless steel counter, making it hard to find a place to lay down a hot rod while torching.

Different day, same song from me. I'm an un-reformable slob, and I may get a little better over the years but will always be messy. Hmmmm, talk about learning to accept yourself. I know me, and I know what might change and what likely won't change :)

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