Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Library Book, a Goddess, and a String of Shells

This is Nu Wa, ancient Chinese goddess of creation.
I found her story in a short paragraph of a children's library book. This world wide web and the local public library are tied as the best sources of inspiration, if you ask me. The best section of the library for unearthing interesting stories accompanied by gorgeous illustrations is the juvenile section of the children's books. There is where you'll find books packed with short bursts of information and magical drawings that illustrate the information.

The idea for this sculpture came from one of those library books,
Goddess A World of Myth and Magic by Burleigh Muten. Nu Wa was an ancient Chinese goddess who created the mountains and trees and then a tiny statue of herself. When she placed her miniature amidst the trees and mountains, it came to life and called her "Mother." Nu Wa quickly made more humans, taking care to make an equal number of males and females so they could multiply. This is why she also is known as the goddess of matchmaking and marriage.

Nu Wa's sacred animal is the snail, according to her story in that library book. This reminded me that I had three or four different strings of shells stored with my craft stuff. The shells on one of those strings have a spiral shape like a nautilus or a snail shell. Actually, I'm not sure if they are either one, but they just seemed appropriate for Nu Wa's hair decoration! I really like the end result, and I hope you enjoyed hearing more about how she was created :)


Lynda said...

Good Morning!

Wow, she's Wonderful.

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Lynda! She was fun to torch, and fun to make. . .although there were a few moments while stringing those shells that I wondered if my time for bifocals is here, LOL!

Lynda said...

Ha!! Just wait! I think my time for TRIFOCALS is just about here. :)