Thursday, January 31, 2008

Living in a Froggy World...and 100 Days of School

Today marks the 100th day of this school year for James and Katie!
They are excited, to say the least. One Hundred Day is a big deal for kindergarten and first graders. James made a poster covered with 100 Spiderman stickers. Katie made a string of 100 metal beads.

Mrs. Bergen had a special surprise this morning. The kindergarten kiddos had to walk through a giant 100 door poster with cutouts in the zeros to get to their class. As each one walked through, Mrs. Bergen took their picture to commemorate the day. Oh, and I almost forgot, Mrs. Bergen was wearing a tiara. . . someone crowned her Queen of One Hundred Day!

James' class was abuzz this morning, as usual. They opening their journals to write about the day.

I have to thank Mrs. Bradham for working so hard to develop the first graders' reading skills. That frog book in the picture was a source of complete delight to James last night. He started reading it as soon as we left the library, laid it down to go into the grocery store, picked it up as soon as we returned to the van, and spent the evening reading all six chapters aloud! What is so exciting for me is that he was excited about the tree frogs and each detail he read. Yep, that's a good reader, so involved in what he was reading that he really didn't realize until later that he had read an entire book :) He went to sleep still talking about ways to save the rain forest so the tree frogs will always have a home.

Happy 100 Day!

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