Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Lucky Peach of a Day

You can read all about the Chinese symbols for longevity that inspired this glass bead, as well as see a couple more pictures, in my gallery pages. Then, if I'm lucky, someone will love it so much that they will go to my Etsy shop later today and buy it for themselves.

Something about this combination of peachy coral and dark yellow with the bright green decoration makes me feel lucky today. Lucky to be a part of this world. Lucky to have two children who are as bright and fun as these colors are together. Lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. . . and lucky to have had these people in my life for a long time. Think about it, as you must figure I am, since my 42nd birthday is rapidly approaching, which means my sister will be 40 this year!!

Maybe, instead of the symbolism, this peach just makes me feel happy and lucky because I like a juicy, ripe peach so much. Maybe, instead of the good luck it carries with it for the future, it is the good luck I already have that makes me appreciate this peach. Maybe, instead of having some deep meaning, this peach is simply a happy piece of glass that makes me smile.

Hmmm, maybe, instead of musing about this, I oughtta get on with the day and see what fun I can create at the torch today? Yep, sounds like a plan! Have a peach of a day!

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