Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Scraps. . .and Where Did the Sun Go??

More scraps laying on the kitchen counter with another piece of glass :)
I really like the rusty scraps, but these shiny ones are calling me, saying "Why don't you like us? There's an entire bag of us! Just think about the possibilities! Forget about those rusty things, come play with us!"

The glass piece is another head-- surprise, surprise, Angie made something with a face on it, heehee. You know, sometimes I try to make other things, but the faces almost always find a way to sneak back into whatever I'm making. Anyway, what you can see of this one is the back of her head and crown. The crown has a couple of loops for attaching something, as well as a slot between the loops. . . and there in lies the quandary. What shall I put in her crown? Rusty? Shiny? Both?

In any case, a Sunday drive is on the agenda, so all of this stuff will wait on the kitchen counter until tomorrow. Time to incubate and percolate! Looks like yesterday's sunshine has hidden again, so it'll be a good day for thinking while riding.

So, there's my little scrap of bloggin' for today. . .thanks for dropping by to see me!

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