Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Dad, His Baby Brother, and The Book of Think

My dad and his baby brother have been on my mind. Well, all of my family get a rotation through our conversations and thoughts every day, that's one way to keep the distance manageable. I talk to my mom almost every day, but my dad only talks on the phone if he's the one nearest the cordless when it rings and no one else reaches for it. That's another story, though, and I'm not writing that chapter today. Actually, there are lots of good stories that include siblings and cousins and aunts, but today is for two of the Greer "boys."

I'm fairly certain Nelson Telfare and James Franklin won't mind being left out of this discussion, since they probably know it means "while I'm talking about Stanley Monroe and Ralph Boyd, I'm leaving them alone." Your day will come, boys, surely it will. . . just be patient, I'm an equal-opportunity pick-on-my-uncles kinda girl :)

Pop, just so you know, I'm writing this when I can't be torching, so it's not taking up time that would be better spent working on our project.

Yep, if you look in this picture, you'll see a headless and handless welded figure that Pop put together. I was so excited when he showed me his idea at Christmas! I am supposed to be designing and torching the head and hands out of glass. Supposed to be. It's been too cold this weekend, and the kiddos were off school yesterday, too, so no torching since I got this figure in the mail Friday.

Why didn't I fib and say it wasn't here yet? <----Seriously, that's not a rhetorical question, that's a lament, one of those smack your forehead and say "I coulda had a V8" moments. There are some weeks when I only hear my father's voice in the background as I talk to mother. Remember what I said about the man and the phone? He avoids it. Not this weekend. He's answered at least twice and asked if I've been working on any glass.

What's the holdup on my end? Procrastination? Maybe. After all, I am the Queen of Procrastination. But this time, I think the holdup has to do with indecision and wanting to make the "perfect" pieces to go with Pop's hard work. What if he thinks what I made is too ugly or strange? What if I make it, put it all together, and then get a brilliant idea for how I should have done my part of the project?

Pop solved this problem last night, though. While I was hemming and hawing and avoiding answering about what I'm going to make, I got him to tell me he is planning on making some more. Aha! This won't be my only chance! Methinks, I just might torch some glass today, Pop!

Oh, don't worry, Uncle Ralph, I did not forget that I was going to talk about you, too. Do you know where I got that book in the picture? Got it thirty years ago, when I was 12. Says so on the cover, where I proudly wrote "Angie Greer '78". You and Aunt Carol took your kiddos and me (and maybe Sally was there that time?) to the mall, which was a big deal back when indoor malls were new. You bought me this book that I really, really liked when I saw it in the bookstore. I loved that book. I've kept it all these years, sometimes re-reading, almost always remembering what it teaches about thinking outside the box when you need to solve a problem, and always thinking of you whenever I see it in the bookcase. Thank you, Uncle "Rolf," and you don't know just how pleased I am that you are recovering from all this heart plumbing surgery and will be around to pester for a long, long time :)

And that is the AnFaye report for today. Back to the regularly scheduled glass goodies tomorrow (we hope I have something new to show by then, don't we, Pop?).

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