Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something for Your Sweetheart. . . and Let's Talk about Gifts, 'kay?

Doesn't have to be for Valentine's Day, although it is a soulful heart. It could be a wedding gift; attach a note with the quote and wish them this kind of future together. It could be an anniversary gift; attach a note with the quote and thank her for this kind of past, present, and future. . . or attach a note with the quote and congratulate them on this kind of past, present, and future.

Just an idea from your friendly neighborhood glass sculptor, the one who also loves to think up wonderful gifts. You know, the one who could be enticed to include some special gift wrapping for your sweetheart if you ask.

Okay, you know I have to all out promote my goods every once in a while ;).
So, now that's done, let's talk. Let's talk about gifts, 'kay? Let's talk about what makes a gift special, or not so special as the case may be. Husbands, boyfriends, significant others, please take note. Of course, you don't have to have a Y chromosome to read this and learn, and I do realize that in some alternate universe where I don't live there are perfectly thoughtful gift-giving males. No disrespect to them! I know they are out there, I've heard stories and even had one or two buy beadalinas for their sweeties because that was something she would like! For those of you who can use a few tips, though, let's pick a proposed "gift" and discuss when it is or is not acceptable, 'kay?

Let's go extravagant for the first example. How about a car?
A car is a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • You make enough money to buy it and outright give it to her.
  • You buy the car of her dreams.

A car is not a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • You buy it, then she has to work extra hours to help make the payments.
  • You buy an ugly poop-brown rickety Gremlin from the 1970's and offer to give it to her, even though you know she's a Camaro or Chevy 2 or Chevelle kinda girl who really detests Gremlins and Pacers.

Next example, let's go with jewelry, just because some women really like to receive pretty baubles (you can tell I'm not one of those, since I said "pretty baubles" instead of "fine quality diamonds and gemstones". But we are each different, and that's part of today's lesson-- pay attention to her likes and dislikes, ya dig?). Here we go.
Jewelry is a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • She really likes to wear diamonds or gemstones, and you picked one of her favorites.
  • You looked at several jewelry displays, and finally found a piece that you thought would look gorgeous on her. . .and you tell her why you picked it when you give it to her.
Jewelry is not a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • She doesn't wear jewelry because she knows she tends to lose it or break it; you know for a fact that she only wears one piece of jewelry, an indestructible thick wide band that's a combination wedding band/mother's ring with no stones.
  • You were desperately seeking a last minute Valentine's gift on your way home from work, and K-Mart was having a clearance sale so you grabbed something in a pretty box and hoped for the best.

One more example, 'kay? Let's talk about the gift of which jokes are made, the vacuum cleaner.
A vacuum cleaner is a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • She asked you for a specific make and model of vacuum cleaner because she really wants it.
  • You insist on giving practical gifts, you got a great deal once you figure in the rebate, and (pay close attention here) you don't mind sleeping on the couch for the next week or so.

A vacuum cleaner is not a perfectly acceptable gift in these cases:
  • Any time except when she specifically asked you for a vacuum cleaner for a gift. . .c'mon, get real, man, it's a vacuum cleaner!

That's all for today. Just a side note, all situations above are merely hypothetical. . .just in case my husband decides to read my blog and sees this :) In fact, some of those examples really are just examples, I'm just not saying which ones!

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