Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's on Your Kitchen Counter? or How a Broken Pizza Cutter Helped Me Make a Creative Decision

^ That's my kitchen counter this morning. I still haven't made that multi-media goddess because I couldn't make a decision-- rusty treasures or shiny treasures? The rusty things looked neat with the glass head, but I just didn't have enough of them in the right sizes to do the whole piece. So, I've been trying to mix rusty and shiny, and it wasn't clicking. I've got this whole big freezer bag full of washers that came from Bubby's junk bucket, and they've been shouting, "Oh, oh, pick us! Pick us!"

I still couldn't decide, though. . . until I broke the pizza cutter last night. Slapped that sucker down into the pizza, ready to rip through it like a pro. Apparently, if you're going to slap a pizza cutter down into crust over a period of six or seven years, you should either buy a commercial grade one or buy a backup. Eventually, one of those slaps will be the one that broke the pizza cutter's back.

But, get this, bummed as I was about having to wrestle the pizza with a steak knife, this fiasco did result in an "Aha!" moment.

Aha! That pizza cutter blade makes a perfect collar for my goddess!!

Ahem. I didn't break it on purpose.
I swear.
But I sure do wish I'd thought of it earlier in the week. . .
Then I would've broken it on purpose so I could finish this project!

Gotta go. Got a goddess to finish, mail to pick up, milk to buy, yada, yada, yada :)

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