Friday, January 25, 2008

"What's So Good about Fridays, Mom?"

James is forever seeing the glass as empty, never even half empty, much less half full. My little dramatic pessimist, that's what he is! This morning as we were watching our breath in front of us in this very chill 7 degree weather, I said, "Hooray, it's cold, but it's Friday!"

To which my son replied, "What's so good about Fridays, Mom?"

Aha! This is the child who usually counts the days until the weekend because he doesn't like school this year. What's not to like about Fridays when you're in that situation? Unless you might be liking school after all, huh?

"Well, I do like being with my friends. . .and some learning is okay."

Oh, yeah, I have to see this glass as half full, at least for today! Picture me, doing the mommy happy dance!

Happy Friday to you, too! As soon as I quit dancing, I'm going to take some more pictures and list this shou bead in my Etsy shop. If that goes smoothly, then I'll do pictures of a glass sculpture of a woman with another Chinese longevity symbol "tattooed" on her back and list her. Wish me luck!

P.S. Lisi, I sent you an email from Use the website thing again if you don't get it, 'kay?

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