Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yep, I'm all out of catchy titles for today. I am truly an Irish girl from at least one side of the family, and the other is full of blarney no matter which country they came from, so you'd think I'd never be caught speechless, now wouldn't ya? Alas, the kiss of the Blarney Stone fades from time to time when it has had to travel through a few generations :)

I'd hate to let you down after you've come to visit, though, so here are a few bits and pieces of rambling to think on until the next dose of AngieBlab:

  • Groundhog Day is coming soon, and my son is excited! Really, the boy is excited. See, he is convinced that groundhog is in charge of the weather. He really, really doesn't like the cold weather we've been having lately. He really, really believes the groundhog will determine whether or not spring comes right away or has to wait another six weeks. He really, really hopes the groundhog doesn't see his shadow. James really, really believes that spring will begin as soon as that happens. Naw, he doesn't get any of this gullibility from his mother. *ahem*
  • Yes, I am gullible. Always have been a target for my father's off-the-wall, off-the-top-of-his-head explanations for things. See Exhibit A: That white stripe to the right of the road marks the motorcycle lane. See Exhibit B: R.I.P. stands for Rhode Island Police. So, I figured these out after much embarrassment, but I have to wonder what else he's told me over the years that I should check :)
  • Katie isn't immune to the gullibility issue, either. Check this out. One night when she was about 3, she knocked on the bathroom door while I was taking a bath. "Mommy, where are you??" My answer, from the bathtub, was a barely straightfaced "in the kitchen." I heard the pitterpatter of Katie feet head toward the kitchen and then return. "No, you're not in the kitchen, Mommy!"
Hey, hope your weekend is a fun one!

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