Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buds! We Have Buds!

Check it out! There may be crunchy ice and snow on the frozen ground, but the trees have buds! Brrrrr, my toes got just a little chilly yesterday afternoon as I roamed the backyard in search of a good picture for this goddess bead. First, let me advise you, those woolly-lined Crocs my mom and sister gave me for my birthday may be so toasty that my toes sweat if I wear them indoors, but they are not good ice-navigating shoes. . .unless you want to slide across the back patio like a big old Chrysler Imperial hydroplaning on wet pavement. Second, just because the sun is shining gloriously is no reason to head outdoors with just a fleece vest for your coat. Twenty-three degrees is still twenty-ohmygodit'scold-measly-three degrees!

Ah, but it was wonderful, nonetheless! The green moss peeked through the snow and ice at the base of the maples. The sun warmed the black and orange fur of the fat-cat as she "protected" me from the vantage point of the patio. The train clattered by, it's sounds rattling through the crisp air like icicles falling from an eave and skittering across a still frozen yard. Standing still for a moment, gazing upward, I noticed reddish-tinged branches at the ends of some of the maple branches. Tiny buds are emerging! Okay, without leaves as a clue, I can't name many trees at all, mostly just remember the familiar ones in the yard. Those tall maples in the back yard had just the beginnings of buds emerging from some branches. The bushier tree surrounded by vines had more buds. I think it is a maple, too, but a different kind. The buds in the picture were on a scrubby sapling growing between the cornfield and railroad tracks. Buds! Twenty-three degrees, but spring will get here because we have buds! Yeah!

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