Friday, February 29, 2008

Frog Tried to Eat the Sun and Burnt His Tongue

Frog awakened ahead of the spring thaw, and he was surprised to find his pond still frozen. Traveling his secret passage, he found a way to the icy surface. Frog looked around himself, and all he could see was winter. The trees were sleeping. Only the winter birds were singing. Ice had even covered the land. Frog could see the sun far away in the sky, but he could not feel the sun.

This puzzled Frog, this winter that would not make room for the spring thaw. Alas, Frog could not go back to sleep. He was awake now, and he wanted to play. Something must be done to let winter know it was okay to go and that spring would take over the season duties.

Frog thought and thought. Finally, he called to the sun, "Please come hear my secret, Brother Sun! It's a good one!"

Brother Sun heard a faint whisper. He looked and looked. Finally, he saw that it was coming from Brother Frog. He leaned over as far as he could and whispered in Frog's ear, "What is it you want, little brother? Why do you call to me when I already give you my light?"

Sun waited for Frog's answer, but Frog's mouth was so full that he could not talk. While Brother Sun was whispering in his ear, Frog had opened his mouth and darted his long tongue at the Sun's crown. Frog's mouth was full of sun! Along with the mouth full of sun, Frog also had a burnt tongue!

Frog spit out the piece of sun. He darted his poor burnt tongue at every patch of ice he saw, and the heat from his sizzling tongue began the spring thaw.

Spring was relieved to see winter retreating, and she quickly stepped into the world. She rewarded frog by granting him the ability to live both in water and on land, so that he might always be ready to start the spring thaw if needed.

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Cyber sister ;) said...

Your sense of humor makes me smile every day! LOVE that frog!
You ROCK sister!