Monday, February 4, 2008

Goddess Gracious, A New Year Begins for Me...

Hmmm, I think what I intended as a play on words to combine a topic and a bead picture for today's entry just turned into the name of the bead itself! Goddess Gracious. Sounds like it fits this particular goddess bead.

Goodness gracious, I hardly ever make a bead anymore. They all seem to want to grow into sculptures while I'm soaking in the warmth of the flame and winding the glass in the flame. The simplified lines of a mermaid turned into the flowing tail and partial body of a mermaid that "needed" to be attached to a piece of scrap metal to make the Dagger of Amphitrite. Not to mention all the potential masks that have evolved into stand alone pieces of sculpture. . . again, not what I intended when I sat down at the torch, but what felt right once I started melting the glass.

Now this goddess was definitely supposed to be a bead. She is smaller than my sculptures. She doesn't have a wings or flowing hair standing away from her body.

And yet, I think, she'd make a perfect piece for a sculpture. Goddess Gracious she is. Smaller than a sculpture, but just as powerful, just as bountiful. I think she is a good marker for the beginning of my new year (I just turned 42 yesterday).

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