Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Godiva and Godivagottagettahaircut!

This Godiva is a trinket holder. She's just over three inches tall, and that long hair flows into a little spot for rings or earrings or chains.

Not only is she a trinket holder, her name just reminded me that God-I've-Gotta-Getta-Haircut! Bangs hanging in my eyes whenever I try to do something, and unruly layers that scare me when I look in the bathroom mirror in the mornings!

Okay, so I'm not much of a girly-girl. I really don't care about the gray hair that adds a bit of "salt" to the "pepper" that once was a solid dark brown. I have given up trying to tame my unruly waves. Ah, but every once in a while, I get a wild hair (literally, a whole head of wild hair!), and then I know it's time for a haircut.

Uh, no, this isn't all I've thought about today :)
I'd love to stay and chat some more, but I think I'd better go feed the bottomless pits, uh, I mean my children! Seriously, I thought the bottomless pit stage didn't start until they were teenagers. . . peanut-jelly sandwiches, Strawberry MiniWheats, bananas, and still gotta do supper! Catch ya later :)

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