Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hooked on Etsy? Why Not Check Out These Shops?

Katie caught this little fish off my bead counter this morning and insisted she needed a necklace to wear to school today. I made it into a pendant, slid it onto a chain, and off the little girl went to school with a smile on her face :)

The little boy, however, now has whatever had the little girl sick yesterday. We are sitting at the kitchen table doing his schoolwork. Two phonics worksheets done, one math sheet done, and more math and reading to go. . .

While James does that schoolwork, I'm going to leave you with another random list of cool Etsy shops. I really, really miss rambling and writing for ya, but the sick days and snow days be takin' their toll on the writing muse *wink* Hope you enjoy these in the meantime:

Lucky Bunny Lampwork's Etsy Shop

Intui Bead: Home of the Skookum Pen

Le Photique: A Unique Photographic Boutique

Okey-dokey, back to the Mommy routine... Hope everyone is well, and hope you each have a wonderful winter day!

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