Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Isis the Winged Egyptian Goddess Bead and Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman?

So, it's true. I have a Buy One, Get One Free sale going on until March 3rd in my Etsy shop.
I keep mentioning it because I 1.) want to give some more beads and sculptures a home where they won't just be crowded onto my desk , 2.) the dastardly credit card bill is almost paid off and I can't wait to tell the beancounter that is zeroed, 3.) maybe I ought to go ahead and make shelves for my lovelies instead of waiting until we find our new house so I can give them some space, 4.) and well, it just feels good to make a sale because it confirms that someone "likes me, they really like me" :)

Hey, if you click on that "likes me" link, it's a whole article about Oscar acceptance speeches. Sally's quote is far down the page, so I thought I'd include it here, too: I haven't had an orthodox career, and I've wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!

Oops, I meant to ask "Whatever happened to Wonder Woman?", but I got off on the Sally Field tangent. Hey, anyone who put up with Burt Reynolds all those years and didn't mind being called Frog in Smokey and the Bandit must be a Wonder Woman of sorts, huh??

Anyway, what ever happened to Lynda Carter? or for that matter, the Six Million Dollar Man? I used to love watching those shows. Superheroes and superpowers are fascinating to a kid. Now that I'm a grownup who didn't grow up to look like Barbie or Wonder Woman in her costume, one of my questions would be "how did Wonder Woman keep from falling out of that skimpy costume?" When I was a kid, though, what I saw was a powerful and beautiful woman...and that seemed very cool. I always liked the Kate Jackson's of the world, too. Smart women. See, that part was attainable for me. I can do smart. Can't do elegant or glamorous or girly, but smart I can come close to achieving.

Oh, and of course, I thought about Wonder Woman because my bead in the picture is Isis! Didn't Wonder Woman say something about the powers of Isis when she changed from mere mortal to superhero?

So, where are they now? Howzabout a then and now listing? Hang on a minute while I try googling some links:

P.S. I messed up the first time I published this, but I think I just got all the links inserted. "Think" is the operative word here, heehee. Hope you have fun cruising through the pics! I had fun looking at them. Did you remember Kate Jackson being on The Rookies? I didn't, but I vaguely remember that I loved that show. . .ah, a blast or two from the past :) Have a terrific Wednesday!

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