Saturday, February 9, 2008

Noisy, Nosy Crows Calling from the Trees

Ah, sunshine! There is hope for spring, isn't there? An occasional warm day like this one makes winter's bare world so much easier to bear, doesn't it? The kids bundled up and went outside to pet the big, fat snuggle-cat . They were amazed at how warm her fur felt when they stroked her back. Our "Halloween cat" has a black coat with shorter orange calico peeking out from underneath. Dark, plush fur-- all the better for absorbing the heat of the sun on a bright day.

While the kiddos gave the feline queen of the deck her due admiration, I was drilling a hole in a small piece of slate to make a display stand for this dark ivory glass sculpture, Offerings. Finished with that task, I carried the sculpture outdoors to take a picture or two.

I'm not sure that my picture taking session met with approval from the noisy, nosy couple of crows who've been roosting in the line of trees that follows the railroad tracks. I could hear them chattering and cawing every time I moved to a different spot to try to take the pictures. Hmm, they make me think of the nosy little old ladies who used to listen to our conversations on the telephone party line years ago. Every once in a while, one of them would forget that it wasn't her conversation and jump in with her opinion on the matter of discussion :)

Here's to a fine, sunlit Saturday afternoon in your neck of the woods, too!


Chimera Crochet said...

Beautiful photo, brings the sculpture to life.

Chimera Crochet said...

Oh hey, are you on the indie public blog ring? I could have sworn that's how I found your blog. LOL maybe I just should head to bed.

angelinabeadalina said...

Hi, there, Chimera Crochet, and thank you for the compliment on the photo! In case you happen back by here, I was in the Indie blog ring...but I thought it got discontinued or something. I saw that email on one of those rare days when I actually bother to change things around on the sidebar of my blog, so I took the button for it out. Um, I have to admit I'm terrible about understanding or learning tech stuff. I have no idea how to put the thing back! I haven't cruised by Indiepublic lately,so I think I need to go check that out. Thanks for the heads-up, and sorry for breaking the ring,Ang