Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shaggy? Scooby? Is That You?

"Scoob? Shag? Help me find my glasses?"

Nothing like doing the Velma crawl around the bedroom floor at 3:15 a.m. I swear, cartoon images of Velma and the monster of the week were running through my mind as I groped the floor hoping to snag my spectacles!

I still haven't found them, but I did finally feel my way to the bathroom and put my contacts in, even though it's the middle of the morning and I'll have to go take them out before I head back to beddie-bye.

Well, duh, I know it was dark, but turning the light on did nothing for me. Might as well rely on the coke-bottle-glasses-chick's sonar, 'cause all turning the light on does is make you squint like a sailor facing a salty norther.

Yes, I have coke-bottle-glasses-chick sonar.

It didn't do me any good in the glasses search this time, and that freaked me out. You see, over the years, I have learned to lay my glasses down somewhere safe near the bed just before turning out the light. Night vision? Well, hell-a-mile, I eat my carrots, so all those blurs are easily detected without glasses. . . okay, except for the kids' chalkboard stand, which jumps out and attacks my pinkie toes even when it's broad daylight and I'm wearing my contacts, so that doesn't count.

Still, it's all a blur without the glasses or contacts.

Yes, dear sister Soupie with the laser-corrected eyes, I will shortly be checking to see whether our insurance covers lasik! By the way, got any more hand-me-down pairs of glasses left somewhere?

This is Ang, signing off, heading to the bathroom to take out her contacts, praying she doesn't step on the still a.w.o.l. spectacles on her way back to the bed. Catch ya later!

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