Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...and a Little Boy

This morning's stream of conversation, for your listening enjoyment:

  • Mom, why are there goddesses in our sink?
  • Get it, Mom? It's kind of funny that we have goddesses in our sink, heehee.
  • Is Moochie awake yet?
  • Is Moochie sitting in the window?
  • I better get my clothes on so I can go pet Moochie.
  • Mom, I need pants.
  • Mom, I need a shirt.
  • Mom, oh, I see you're getting the socks.
  • Well, I don't like coffee. You can go ahead and drink yours, but I don't like it.
  • Ewww, actually, I've never tasted coffee, but I don't like it.
  • Is Katie awake yet?
  • Hey, Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-tie! Time to get up!
  • Here ya go, everybody, get your Katios!
  • Get it, Mom? Ka-teeeeeeee-oooooooooz? Like a cereal?
  • What's that thing again about little boys?
  • Oh, yeah, puppy dog tails! *big grin*
  • So did you sign my homework yet?
  • I just don't want to go to school, but we get out early tomorrow?? Yeah!!
  • Mom, you need to figure out what those little birds are eating so we can get them some more, okay?
  • What are you using to scrape the windshield? Is that my library card??

And the conversation as I walk him to his classroom:

  • Okay.
  • Yep.
  • *quick hug*
  • *quick wave*
  • Bye, Mom.
I think he'll grow up way too soon. . .

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