Monday, February 18, 2008

Trekking thru the Mud to Get a Good Look

What's so interesting about a hint of spring that can't be improved by throwing in a little bit of mud??
This time at Grandma and Granddaddy's, the kiddos did a great job of remembering to wear their old shoes for outdoor play, avoiding tracking mud into the living room, and keeping their feet dry since it's still pretty cold outside.
Me? I think I did okay on those counts, too, but that's because I kept snatching Mother's Timberland boots to wear across the mushy, muddy field when I was "stalking" those birds you see in the top picture. Get this, see the muddy fowl footprints in the bottom picture? It was at least that muddy all weekend. . . and I just couldn't resist trekking through it to try to get a closer look at those Sandhill Cranes.
Hundreds of Sandhill Cranes would light in the field at one time. Even when there weren't any of them in Ma and Pop's field, you could hear them in the neighbors' fields.
Pretty cool, pretty cool. . . and muddy and cold, but it was a fun weekend. Hope your weekend was a good one, too!

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