Saturday, February 2, 2008

We're Gonna Chow on SpongeBob's House Today! Yummy!

Yep, we're getting ready to eat SpongeBob's house for breakfast! Yum, fresh pineapple! Well, okay, fresh for the Midwest on a snowy day. . .you're right, today I'd like to be some place where I could go pick that pineapple myself :) But, mmmmmmmm, I think this will do for now!

I'm leaving you now, don't want to get pineapple juice on the keyboard, but before I go here's a list of fun glass to check out today:

Whimsy by Mari-- Mari Nall's Etsy shop

Sheila Morley's Etsy shop

Studio Marcy's Etsy shop

AbbilyBabbily's Etsy shop

Bent, Warped & Twisted's Etsy shop

Oh, there are more, but I've gotta get my share of that pineapple before the kiddos munch all of it! Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Hey Angie,
Thanks for mentioning me. I love pineapples and am envious of you.

Hope your birthday was great.