Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Afternoon at the Creek, Listening to the Water

The water at the creek sounded so lively this afternoon, I had to try the video setting on my camera. I could sit there and listen to it for hours, but since that's not practical I'll listen to this once in a while! The kids were dropping small pieces of stick into the creek and watching the running water carry the sticks over the rocks. James decided it would make a terrific roller coaster for miniature people. You know I was scared as he kept bouncing around along the edges of the bank. Kate is the daredevil, but she's usually very aware of her surroundings. James is the typical bouncing boy, never slowing down to really closely observe what's around him. We sure had fun, listening to the creek sing, taking pictures, and inventing roller coasters!

Oh, and just as we were getting close enough to the creek to hear the water, a heron flew up and to the right of us. Kate saw it first, and I was too slow with my camera to get a close picture...so, I stood there and enjoyed watching the big bird climb and bank through the afternoon wind. Yes, it was a fun walk.

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