Saturday, March 15, 2008

Give Me a Little Wink, Ms. Spring!

Ms. Spring is waking up and getting ready to see to the growth of the world! First thing she's going to do is take a walk in the woods and catch up with the birds and the trees. The birds are already chattering, full of secrets to tell their beloved Ms. Spring. The trees are putting forth their best buds, anxious to create a welcoming path decorated with the finest tiny bits of green.

Ms. Spring told me a little secret this morning, too. Her wish is for a fine dress made of treasures from the forest. . . and so, that is one mission for me this week, one I am sure to enjoy!

Hope your last Saturday of winter is a fine one, one with hints of sunshine and warmth, one framed with the sounds of little birds gathering, one made richer with visions of buds beginning to open and daffodils sneaking their buttery yellow petals up for a peek at the world!

And, when you come inside for a break, you can always check out the new look at, where you'll notice Justin's new servers and page set-ups are making it even better for browsing the glass work of at least 428 artists!

Look for my newest gallery pages right under the MarketPlace goodies in the center of the home page, or just click here to go to my gallery home page.

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