Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ice, Ice, and More Ice

Hey, there! Nice to see ya! Why don't you park your car and come on over for a visit?

This is a new variety of grass we're growing this winter. I like to call it bumpy grass. . . it leaves quite an imprint if you fall on your a$$.

Oh, here ya go, you can take this chair. I think I'll just stand up so I can move around and show you a few things in our winter wonderland.

Yep, thought I might shed some light on this "spring" weather we are having. Oh, wait, it's not officially spring yet. All this ice is so hard on the trees, but it is neat to see. The security light even had rings of icicles.

This is one picture I took this morning as the sun rose and light sparkled in the icy trees.

Well, thanks for dropping in to say hello and have a look at our winter wonderland. Hope your day is a pleasant one!

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