Friday, March 21, 2008

My Bubby and Katie's Bubby

That's my brother on the left, and that's Katie's brother on the right. I've called mine "Bubby" for a long time, and Katie rarely calls James her "bubby". . . but they both call my brother "Uncle Bubby". At least William Lee Greer gets the title of "uncle" included in his name. Our sister, Annette Susan Greer, is simply "Soupie" to James and Katie. Once in a while, they tack on the "aunt," but it doesn't happen often. Mostly, it's just plain ol' "Hey, Soupie!"

Hmmm, actually, my children declined the offer to return to town with me this afternoon, instead preferring to stay at Grandma's with Soupie.
Methinks I gotta run now, gotta get done and get back to see what's happening. . . Yeah, I'm the nosy one who never wants to miss out on anything!

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