Monday, March 31, 2008

Red Bud Goddess Among the Maple Trees

The blooms of red bud trees should be appearing soon. I have already seen the forsythias bursting with sunshiney yellow blossoms, so the dogwoods and red buds should follow suit with their pastel tributes to spring.

Thinking about red buds and dogwoods always carries me back to the road on which my parents live. If you head towards Franklin Crossroads, there is a stretch of woods thats begins on the left side of the road, right after Bob and Maxine's house. There have been a few springs when my timing was just right to be visiting when the red buds and dogwoods splashed delicate lavendar and pale ivory blossoms throughout the woods that were otherwise bare. It is one of those scenes that remains in your mind's eye forever, one that can carry you straight to that very spot in a flash of thought.

Spring is showing herself here in my midwestern yard, even if there are no red buds or dogwoods or even forsythia. The maples are budding, the birds are noisily flitting from high tree branches to the ground and back again, and the puddles are no longer miniature frozen ponds. I hope you like my Red Bud Goddess with her lavendar blossoms delicately painting the bare black branches. She stands upon a piece of maple that fell from these very trees after the last ice storm, and she looks out at the woods as she listens to the sounds of spring emerge.

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