Thursday, March 20, 2008

Watching the Goldfinches

I've been watching the goldfinches arrive. Unfortunately, they've been keeping an eye on me, too! Every time I try to sneak closer so I can get a really good closeup picture of the little birdies, they fly away.

I keep trying, even though the darn cat has a better success record than I do so far-- me, no really close pics, the cat, at least one bird snack!

Okay, that's what cats do. Stalk birds, eat birds if they can. I just wish the cat would consider not stalking the goldfinches while I'm trying to stalk them for a picture!

Birdwatching is not my only preoccupation this week. Katie and James got new spring and summer outfits, and Katie got her first real haircut today! Almost 6, and now she really looks it, too! Flippy ends on fun blonde hair that just grazes her shoulders. . . the little girl is growing up :)

Oh, and you know glass is never far from my mind! Last night, I wound together some copper wires to make a necklace featuring my beads. It has a Grandmother Earth face (Nunkui), along with animal dangles (fish, owl, and frog). Look for pictures in my gallery pages at . . that's where I'm heading right now to add pics. Toodles for now, Ang

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