Friday, March 14, 2008

Why I'm Going to Try It, Even Though I Could Become an Ogre and Still Not Have a "Green" Thumb!

Little carrots for Katie, no corn for James just yet, and some onions, peas, lettuce, and cabbage.
Why am I doing this? You know, I know very well my track record with gardening and flower growing. . . and it's a dismal record, to say the least. So, again I ask, why??

This is one reason "why"-- James. He had a great time drawing a cat and Spiderman on the end of the cold frame Pop made for me to use for starting seeds. I woodburned over James' signature and the cat drawing. Kate drew some pictures on her end, too, but I didn't get hers woodburned yet. I have to admit I had lots of fun decorating the two longer sides of the box, too! One side has the words "Serenity & Growth" woodburned along with a few scrolls and spirals. The other side is a work in progress, with a faintly scraped (you couldn't really call it carving because all I can do so far is scrape out along an outline) silhouette of an earth goddess lying on her side, stars, sun, moon, and "Creation and growth lie within" all meant to be woodburned.

Aha! You caught me! Yes, I decorated the cold frame instead of hurrying to find a place for it, filling it with some good dirt, and giving it time to warm up a bit. . . kinda defeats the purpose of having a cold frame for starting plants if you don't get around to using it until summer! So, the decorating stopped midpoint, and we shoveled and mixed some dirt yesterday afternoon. Kate picked carrot seed for her choice, and James wanted sweet corn. I told him we'd wait a bit on the corn but that he could sure eat onions with me if they come up.

By the way, it's true. I could be a green ogre like Shrek and Princess Fiona, and you still wouldn't be able to say that I have a "green" thumb. Mostly, I have the ability to set out a pretty flower bed, then get bored with it and forget to do anything else to it most of the summer. Last fall, we did a few cabbage seeds in containers. Eh, so-so results, but then I knew the containers weren't the best idea. Still, it's going to be fun doing this stuff, no matter what the end results!

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