Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laid Back Chick...That's me...Well, Sort of...Maybe...Sometimes

Well, no, it's not literally me. My hair is shorter, boobs much smaller, you get the idea. Let's not go any further with that one.

It is me, though, in the sense that I am a laid back chick. . .some of the time, about some things, oh, hell, I just wish I was a laid back chick who never let anything bother her and always just followed the flow!

I can't be laid back about things like wearing your seat belt or getting good grades in school. That's obvious, even to my children, or maybe especially to my children. What I can be laid back about is learning to live and let live. I really can't see why it's much of my business to try to influence people to do everything the way I would do it. Just to clear up a point here, we are talking about regular, everyday people, the people who make up our lives. I don't give a hoot if you want to spend your money on an impractical sports car or giant truck, as long as you aren't dealing drugs so you can pay the car loan. I don't give a hoot if you choose Jesus or Buddha or Jerry Springer, as long as you don't expect me to be scared of being doomed to hell if I don't make the same choice.

Yep, I'm trying to be a laid back chick, but there are bumps in the road, ya know. For instance, if Heather from Account Services calls me one more time to inform me in a prerecorded voice that there is no problem with my account, I am considering writing down the number from the caller ID and calling it back every two minutes one morning.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday. Hmmph.

Uh-huh, you can tell me it's Monday, but you can't make me smile about it!

Actually, I'm kind of on the fence about Mondays. Sometimes, they are horribly messed up days where nothing turns out the way you want it to turn out. You know, those days when you stumble to the kitchen only to find you forgot to get more coffee, and that ends up being the high point of the day when all is said and done! Sometimes, though, Mondays masquerade as Saturdays, and all is right with the world. You know, those days when that first cup of coffee is akin to a special nectar sent from the gods, and that ends up being just the beginning of a day filled with little joys.

I haven't yet gone to the kitchen to fix my espresso, but I do know I remembered to get another bag of coffee beans. . .so I'm hoping for one of those good Mondays!

P.S. James is sooooooooo much the dramatic child, but I think Kate's expressions speak volumes, too. That's her "I'm not looking at you because I'm still mad that you made me stop carrying the poor cat around like a baby doll and I'm certainly not going to give in and smile just because you got out the camera" face. That was really taken on Saturday, but it sure seems fitting for a Monday, don't ya think?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

WebKinz Making Wishes...Lots of Wishes!

Didn't I tell ya I love dandelions? Apparently, the seed doesn't fall too far from the weed, huh? James and Kate and their assorted WebKinz were grabbing handfuls of dandelion puffs yesterday. They'd carry them gingerly back around the house. Then they'd "make it snow". Look at that blizzard of wishes!

Right now, I'm thinking of all I might wish for if I had a blizzard of wishes. Funny, your wishes change as you grow older, don't they? I'm quite certain the munchkins were wishing for yet another WebKinz to add to their already stuffed collections. Here are some of my wishes:

  • that James and Kate will always feel the potential of having wishes come true
  • that they learn how to work at making wishes come true
  • that all their wishes someday include a few wishes for making other people's wishes come true
  • that I live at least another 42 years to watch them
  • that the neighborhood tomcats would find peace and stop peeing on my deck...hey, buddy, that ain't your territory-- it's ours!
  • that dark ivory glass is always available
  • that a bigger torch and endless oxygen would magically poof into my studio so I could make even bigger overgrown beads/sculptures out of glass because glass has such a wonderful way of flowing and carrying your emotions with it to the kiln
  • that the New Madrid fault stays stable for another hundred years so I don't have to wonder when the big one that makes rivers flow backwards is going to finally hit us
  • that all of my glassy friends from all over the world would suddenly move into my neighborhood
  • that the entire southern parts of Indiana would miraculously relocate harmlessly to someplace else so that the drive to see my parents in Kentucky would be two hours shorter
  • that I don't step on this pair of glasses and then wear crooked frame ones for three years just because I "only need them when I take my contacts out"
  • that 1000 people click on this blog today, outclick to my BeadArtists.org gallery pages, and then go to my Etsy shop and buy it all in one fell swoop
  • that since I only have 12 items available today the other 988 people would bookmark my page and just find some joy in having browsed through my slightly "out there" at times gallery pages
  • that they then go to some of these Etsy shops and buy them out, too:

N Valentine Studio "These Beads Were Made For Walkin!

Sheila Morley

Whimsy by Mari

Gypsy Flame - Original One of a Kind Wearable Art!

Villa Design ~ distinctive glass beads & jewelry


Whew! I need my coffee! All that wishing, and I still didn't get more than halfway through my list of great Etsy shopping spots! Guess that'll have to do for today. Now for one more wish:

that YOU have a WONDERFUL Sunday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boring Grainy Rain Video with Daylight Flashes of Lightning!

Yep, it's pretty boring until you get to the flashes of lightning that illuminate the entire front yard. Those are pretty spectacular. It wasn't just streaks of lightning here last night. It was the kind of lightning that makes the security lights turn off because they are fooled into thinking it is daylight. It was the kind of lightning that always happens during dramatic scenes in mystery or adventure movies. You know, that kind that always gives you a glimpse of the bad guys in the act of doing whatever dastardly deed haunts the hero now.

James was getting scared of the storm, and I was trying unsuccessfully to convince him it was a good storm to watch. He did get distracted by the crazy mom actually putting her camera on the front porch and leaving it there to record a few minutes of the storm. Aha! We started talking about the camera being out of the rain, the lightning making the horizon visible, and the beauty of viewing a storm from inside a snug and safe house.

I surely wasn't gonna tell the kid about the memory of Aunt Ella Mae telling ghost stories on a stormy night like this one! Oh my gawd, pee in your pants scaredy cat ghost stories being told while the storm raged just outside the unlocked screen door! Stories that made me wish I could get up and leave the living room, except that I was too scared of what claw might grab my leg as I wandered through the kitchen. Stories that made me wish I could close my eyes and be right back at home, except that if we'd called our mom and dad at that time of night asking them to drive an hour in the rain on slick roads with steep dropoffs just because Aunt Giggles was doing a good job of story telling. . . well, let's just say that after she caught her breath from laughing so hard, my mother wouldn't have had a problem turning over and returning to sleep. Aunt Ella Mae was always smiling and laughing, hence the nickname Aunt Giggles. She was as sweet as she could be, and looking back, I'm pretty sure those "scary" stories were of the "give me back my hand" fourth grade spooky nature. I was just an incredible scaredy cat! In fact, I still am a lot of the time :)

Some other stormy night, when James and Kate are older, I'll paint the picture of that living room with Rose Marie, Doris Jean, Soupie, Serada (sorry, can't remember how to spell her name), and me huddled close to Aunt Giggles as she whispered those ghost stories. I'll make them feel the eyes that must've been watching and waiting from just outside the unlocked screen door. . .

Friday, April 25, 2008

DandelionSmandelions, Peas on Earth, & Spring!

Wanna take a walk around my yard? It's springtime here, and the dandelions are stealthily trying to gain ground before anyone notices. . . but you know what? I secretly adore them, those wispy white seeds that look like miniature geodesic domes, those buttery velvet sunshine flowers that precede the miniature domes. I also adore the spring flavor imparted in the delicate green shade of a brand new leaf, as well as the first appearance of "helicopters" along the maple branches. Ah, beautiful day here, hope it is the same for you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looks Like It Was a Rough Night in TomcatLand!

It's spring, and the gentle breezes and quiet chirping of birds is frequently blown wide open by the sound of the two tomcats who've decided to fight over our back porch! They've both had homes, but now they're acting like hungry strays during the day, so I've been feeding them. This is Patience. He has a name because we tried to adopt him when he was a stray kitten but our old MeatyHead ran him away. . .all the way across the road to the neighbor's house, so Patience comes to visit almost daily, tomcat wars or not. Looks like he had a rough night last night. It's not often that this gorgeous striped putty-tat holds still for a picture, ya know!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Think I Am a Woman of a Certain Age...

I think I am a woman of a certain age, and I think that means I don't have to care whether or not you agree. In fact, I think that means I'd welcome a little friendly argument over which one of us is really a woman of a certain age, a little happily bitchy discussion of why we all like being older.

I think I am a woman of a certain age, and I think that means I wouldn't trade molasses-slow metabolism and impending hot flashes for the chance to be twenty again. In fact, I might not mind being 35 again, but that is about as much younger as I'd care to go. My ex-mother-in-law has always said that her perfect age was 37. She'd had most of her kids but not all, she felt great, and life was just good. I think now that I am a woman of a certain age, I can see just how smart Dorothy is about some things in life. . . I think youth makes it hard to see anything beyond the two feet in front of your own face.

I think I am a woman of a certain age, and I think that means I am content to be who I am. Oh, I still have goals for myself! In fact, I give more thought to goals these days. The difference is that I choose those goals carefully, that I understand how those goals all mesh together, that I can realistically say losing 50 pounds in the next two months is not an attainable goal. I think my goals have more to do with slowly making changes that make me a better person, and before you reach a certain age, small changes that are achieved over a length of time just seem so unworthy of attention.

I think I am a woman of a certain age, and I think that means I get frustrated because my children can't see that I have such well-earned wisdom. I think it means I get frustrated because I know I have to let them learn for themselves, even if I can't resist imparting some of this life experience to them. I think it also means I completely understand why my mother would've said to me in exasperation, "When you grow up, I hope you have a dozen kids just like you."

I think I am a woman of a certain age, and I think that means life is profoundly mesmerizing and constantly amazing and just plain good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Goes on in Your Mind??

What Goes on in the Mind of a Woman

What Goes on in the Mind of a Woman

What does go on in the mind of a woman? Oh, chances are, you'll never know half of it...I think it's really true that women tend to see more of the big picture, tend to spend more thought on connecting various thoughts, tend to have many different thoughts all swirling together at the same time while still staying individually defined. What goes on in the mind of a woman? Maybe the most that you can know is simply that beneath a peaceful, contemplative face such as this one, there lie many thoughts.

Yeah, what does go on in your mind? Besides the snippet of a song that says, "What goes on in your mind"? Okay, whether you want to know or not, here's what's going on in my mind this morning:
  • What song is that from?? It's going to drive me crazy. Gotta go google it or youtube search it or something! Can't even remember whether it's country or rock or one of those in-betweeners from years ago.
  • Do I have time to start the laundry before I start torching? or, wait, do we all have another set of clean underwear/shirt/jeans for tomorrow? maybe just do the towels?
  • Wonder if Soupie is working tonight or off tonight? Haven't called her in a while. Wonder what she's been up to besides work?
  • Ma and Pop went to her high school reunion night last Saturday. She goes every year, whether or not it's a spotlight year for the Class of 1962. How long has it been since I've even seen someone from the Class of 1984?
  • Sharon was surprised to see some of my sculptures done in color instead of ivory or Nile green or turquoise. Hmmm, maybe I should do some of the temples Joan requested in bright colors? Well, of course, they should be in bright colors, that's what makes them so ornate in a festive sort of way.
  • Could I even find my old avatar picture, the one with flames shooting out of the Nani's Cousin bead? **sigh** Which computer? Oh, it's here somewhere, but I just wanted a change for a while.
  • I like seeing people's real faces in their online "tiny heads". Maybe it makes you feel more connected even though it's the virtual world? I know I smile back at Carol's pic every time she posts something. That's the friendship side of that thought. The business side of that is: if my pic doesn't look friendly, will it turn people away?
  • Should I have that last asiago cheese bagel from the St. Louis Bread Co. for breakfast? or should I be a sweet mommy and save it for K-a-t-i-e? Eh, sorry kid, methinks the mommy will have it this time.
  • Last time I was near a St. Louis Bread Co., James and I got one asiago cheese bagel, a loaf of three cheese bread, and a danish for each of us. The bread and bagel were supposed to last a few days, but got demolished by the after-school-I'm-starving-Mom munchkins!
  • Have I shared too much or not enough so far? is the kiln warm now? how long before the load of towels in the washer is done so the next load can start? did I really already have my cup of espresso this morning? is that storm Venessa was talking about really headed our way?
  • Why are the birds flocking to our little bird feed branches that we cover with peanut butter and seeds? is it for the seeds? or for the peanut butter? there are scrape/beak marks where there was a peanut butter coating-- they like the peanut butter!
  • Hang on just a minute. BRB. Gotta go find something...dang, it was the Beatles and I didn't know it?? Here ya go, here's the video :)
Hope you have a terrific day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ya Gotta See the Twig/Branch Sculptures at Argonne Gallery! (video)

Kate, Sharon, assorted Beadalinas, me, MJ--
stopping and smiling at the camera for a minute after talking a mile a minute, catching up and yapping about glass, of course!
Well, I didn't take other pictures yesterday, after all, but I did attempt this short video tour with my camera...it's pretty wobbly, not well lit, but hey, you can at least get an idea of what's in the Argonne Gallery at 101A W. Argonne Drive in Kirkwood, Missouri (phone 314-821-3010)!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Geisha Butterfly & 360 Vision...P.S. Nikki, You Might Wanna Display Her "Backwards"

Subtle sensuality seeps soulfully thru the spirituality...always, we look to the front. The Geisha Butterfly has reminded me of the importance of opening your mind to all facets of your reality. This whole thought begins with the material plane, but as I write this I become convinced there is a much deeper meaning to explore. As for the geisha butterfly and the material p lane, I have to say I am in love with the graceful flow of her back...Nikki, I'm not sure, but I think you might want to display her backwards! Even to a sculptor's brain, the idea doesn't compute (well,not for this beginner, but I'm sure the masters must have 360degree creative vision). We can become so rigid about life without even knowing it. That's not an insult in any way, just a realization that I need to work on expanding my 180degree internal vision to 360! Peace at all points on your compass, Ang ;)

P.S. I'm off to the Argonne Gallery opening! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for Joan and Tommy's community art venture! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me to be smiling and mingling instead of hiding in the corner somewhere :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bippity, Boppity, Boo, I've Got a Bitchalina Preview Just for You

Bippity, Boppity, Boo,
I've got a Bitchalina preview
Just for you!

Here's your peek
and now let me say. . .


Got to get two $25 listings up for my ongoing twenty-five day sale in my Etsy shop. Got to find something to wear to the Argonne Gallery opening in Kirkwood, Missouri, tomorrow afternoon. Got to fix untold numbers of peanut butter sandwiches for the munching munchkins. Got to, got to, got to get a moving! Have a terrific Saturday!

Oh, and the new Bitchalina will make her debut Monday or Tuesday :)

P.S. Don't forget to check out The Water Sprite's Adventure in my BeadArtists.org gallery pages!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake, Rattle, and Roll. . .and the Kids' Art Fair Video

Shake, rattle, and maybe not so much of a roll as it was a rumble! Earthquake, right here in the Midwest! It was 5.4 on the Richter scale, and it was about a 10.999999 on the scare the crap out of Angie in the middle of the night scale! My first thought as the house rumbled was that the train had derailed in our backyard. Funny thing was, I didn't hear the train. Interesting way to start the day, huh? I did go back to sleep, but it took awhile. All I could think as I lay there still shaking a bit was that the big New Madrid Fault quake that we're due for had arrived-- and that this was just the beginning tremors!

Now, for something completely different, howzabout a peek at James and Katie's school art fair? We just enjoyed everything last night, browsing the art work. The kids even got to ride on a homemade hovercraft one of the junior high students made. Now, that was cool! Take a round piece of wood, lots of thick plastic, bolt a chair on top, power it with an electric leaf blower, and voila, you've got yourself a hovercraft that will float as far along the slick gym floor as the extension cord will reach. I really should have gotten pics last night, but I did get you this little view of the much quieter gym this morning:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wayward Spirit of the Rock-- or Sometimes What You Think Is "Set in Stone" Is Not :-)

Wayward Spirit of the Rock

We found her fossil rock, Mother and I, one late winter afternoon. On the verge of spring, we were looking at one of Mother's bigger flower gardens, talking about where she might put the dahlias this year, bending down occasionally to sift through the pebbles and rocks covering the pathways. Eventually, of course, the treasure hunt for pretty and unusual rocks among the pebbles takes over the conversation.

When I return home, I find myself thinking about the spirit in this fossil, wondering what he or she looks like if you're allowed to catch a glimpse. It's fascinating, this idea that every rock, every plant, all of it, they have their own elemental spirit within. An elemental akin to the faeries and pixies but not quite the same. . . and here is the sweet and delicate but wayward spirit who came out of the flame when I thought of this rock. Yes, she is wayward. No, the photo is not askew. I kept moving her while the epoxy that fastens her to the fossil dried. I would stand her up straight, she would lean. I would prop her up, once wedged between the kitchen wall and the handle of the coffee pot. . .she would lean.

Finally, I got her message. All is not as you think it should be. All is the way it should be. I was trying to set her in a stone, but what I was really doing was trying to follow what's set in stone-- keep the figure standing straight or laying down, but not leaning awkwardly. Ha! There is nothing awkward about her! She is standing as she wishes, a spirit hovering near her rock, a spirit flowing and moving with the waves of nature and time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Funky New Glasses, Funky New Sculptural Attempts...

Whaddya think of the funky new glasses? Don't answer that unless it's you put it nicely, Bubby, okay? I may be goofy, and I may have well-padded skin, but it can be thin in spots, nonetheless ;-)

Anyway, I kinda like the glasses for something different. I usually wear my contacts, but when I picked these up today I just had to take out the contacts and put on the glasses. Ah, aren't ya glad your life is more exciting than mine? Geez, I get my thrill of the day from a pair of glasses!

Okay, I'm getting ready to get some flaming thrills at the torch tomorrow, though! Haven't gotten to torch much lately, so I've been concentrating on putting together things already made. But I am itching to get back to the business of sculpting molten glass in a freaking hot flame! This sculpture I am holding in the picture is one of my best ever, but alas, she cracked. . .and to add insult to injury, the cracks weren't even in the physically appropriate places!

But it's all about the journey, it really is. Detours are put in your path for a reason. They slow you down enough to let you learn new things!

Happy Traveling in Your Journies, Peace, Ang

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

25 twentyfivedollar items in 25 days!

Today is Day 9, and I've got lots to do to get some pictures and listings going for ya! I'm loving this sale because it's making me really catch up on putting some things together. Of course, I had to actually straighten my giant desk (almost a yard deep, and about 5 feet wide) before I realized exactly how many pieces of glass were waiting patiently for me to listen to them and help them find their spot in the creative world!

Here's a link to and an explanation about the sale:

Hey, chatting with some glass junkie friends on Saturday evening gave me an idea. Ya know, I understand that sculptures aren't on the list of practical things to buy, and I know the rising gas bills and mutating and expanding grocery bills are eating up spending money in lotsa households. . . but why should you give up art, and why should I give up creating it?? So, there ya go, the impetus for the "25 twentyfivedollar ITEMS in 25 days!" sale :)

Guess what else is happening? Argonne Gallery will be opening on Sunday, April 20th, in Kirkwood, Missouri. I am so excited to be included among the artists whose work will be shown there!

Now, to make all these things run smoothly, I'm going to get to work listing several "days" or items for the 25/25/25 sale ahead of time. . . and once that sale is gone, my dual focus will be on creating sculptures for the gallery and more bead size goodies for my Etsy shop.

Hmmm, sounds like I should be working instead of typing. Better get moving, Ang

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wanna Get Plastered? Don't Ask Me to Help :-)

So, last evening I finally decided to get brave and take the plaster mold off my clay model. I have been so excited about sculpting in clay (something very new for me, unless you count playing with Play-Doh as a child), making a plaster mold (another something very new for me, unless you count long ago childhood memories of wielding a piece of sandpaper on the drywall while our parents did all the real work of taping and sanding on the new house), and then pouring cement into the mold to make a cool bird feeder (bird feeder, new; cement/concrete, not an expert, but not new).

Well, guess what? My mantra for learning glass, "there is no wasted glass, ya learn something new no matter what the end result," has a new home with the clay and plaster, too! Even with the generous help of others sending me tips, there is no substitute for actually mixing the plaster yourself. Apparently, I happily mixed up too little plaster for the first coat (and quite possibly, too little plaster from a ten year old container that was not good anymore). Then, reasoning that since you can add more coats as long as the plaster is still moist, I wet the whole thing with damp paper towels for a long time and then added another coat.

Let me just say this:


But I will happily try again! This is too much fun :-)

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Katie Wants to Hear "She's Gotta Ticket to Ride"

The conversations here this morning have been fairly entertaining. We'll have to talk sometime about the biology of aliens and whether or not the Webkinz world really likes Hannah Montana. . . Just gonna be a busy Saturday, so this is just a quick hi there how ya doing and hope you have a great Saturday post :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sculpture Sold, Cat Didn't, All Is Right with the World :)

Abundant Flora Spirit Peeking from the Leaves sold.
Moochie didn't.
All is right with the world this morning :)

Let me tell you about this crazy cat, our black and orange "Halloween" cat. She would just as soon smack me as let me pet her if I make the first move. In true cat fashion, however, if I am busy with something, then she absolutely must have my attention immediately. She is an outdoor kitty, but if she can sneak her body inside, then she doesn't want to cozy up in anyone's lap. Noooooo, she wants to hog my comfy desk chair all by herself and take a loooooooong snooze in it. She will let Katie carry her around like a baby doll, but pick her up, then she can't escape fast enough. Of course, if I attempt to sit in the sunshine and read a book on the deck, then she insists upon sitting on the pages of the book.

If I want to snap some quick pictures while supper is simmering on the stove, then the Moocher feels compelled to wrap herself between me, the camera, and the sculpture in question. . . which is why this picture didn't quite capture her nosiness to the full extent since I couldn't untangle the camera strap and point the camera at her until she unfolded herself and walked casually away!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Which Stooge Are You?

I was gonna write about this picture, but the real Stooges are just so much more fun to discuss!
And, yet, I kinda like this picture, so there ya go-- political satire and nostalgia, all in one blog post :)

Nyuk, nyuk!
Which Stooge are you?
More importantly, where do you stand on the Curly vs. Shemp question?

Well, I've just been googling, looking for a free quiz we could all take to answer the question of the day, "Which stooge are you?". Unfortunately, the only one I've found so far won't be very agreeable for those of us who know who Moe, Larry, and Curly are. If you are old enough to be familiar with the Stooges, then you are probably also old enough to say, "Hey, I'm not giving out my email address just so I can sign up for a quiz to see which Stooge I am. . .heck, I already know which Stooge I am."

In light of that, let me give you this link instead:
by Dave Spatt

He's pretty much right on the money is his brief explanation of "Stoogality"!

Now, for the Curly vs. Shemp vs. Curly Joe discussion. Shemp always gave me the heebiejeebies, something so incredibly strange about him, even for a Stooge. No one could take Curly's place, nyuk, nyuk. Still, let me see if I can't find you a fun link or two about Curly and his fellow not-Moe-or-Larry's. Be right back. . .

Absolute Stooge: a page all about Shemp

Moe Howard on the Mike Douglas Show

Oh, good grief, I keep getting distracted by more Stooge videos. Hmmm, think I better get going and get some work done! Nyuk, Nyuk!

P.S. Angie=Moe

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Watch Me Sort of Drive a Nail. . . Funny for my Brother

This is just for my little brother, who is greatly amused by my ineptitude when it comes to tools and any sort of construction. See, my sister and brother both took shop in high school, while the only reason I knew the shop teacher was because he mistakenly attempted to teach the yearbook class the year I was a junior. . . while it was fun, and while Haycraft did learn that we "book-learning" kids are good for some things such as pulling pranks on other teachers with just a little bit of instigation/permission from him, I certainly didn't pick up any hints or tips on how to use shop tools. Everyone else in our house is good at helping Pop with projects, but me? Nope. When I need something, I'm spoiled by a father who makes it for me (and often makes it better than my request). Ah, but living four hours away, and with a hubby who can make any automotive run but has very little inclination to build things, I am now attempting to learn to do some things for myself. See, I can hear you laughing already, but I am nothing if not an entertainer at heart, I guess. . . otherwise, why would I let you see me make a big deal out of a little task?? Here goes, and be prepared, I couldn't figure out how to rotate the darn video. So iffen ya wanna laugh, you're gonna have to turn your head sideways to watch:

Monday, April 7, 2008

PowWows, Eraser Clay, and Sneaking up on Ducks

Yep, those are just a few of the things we did this past weekend. Victoria, Tanner, and Uncle Steve came down on Saturday, so we took Victoria with us to a Pow Wow at Washington University in St. Louis. We got to sit up close to the floor thanks to Stacy the Potawatami Firekeeper, a fellow glass junkie. Sharon, another glass junkie, was there, too, and she brought the kiddos some Eraser Clay. After walking around the Pow Wow a bit, we all went out to eat at Fitz's in the Loop. That's where we caught up with yet another glass junkie, Patti, and her daughter. Oh, wait, then another glass junkie, Melissa, joined us at Fitz's for a bit before she went to her show.

The kids could hardly wait to try the eraser clay, so we did that Sunday morning. Then, after a quick trip to get Tory a pair of boots, we took off across the field, exploring at the creek and trying to get close to a stray duck that's turned up at the neighbor's pond.

Whew. I could write so much about all the fun we had, but I'm still playing catchup and need to get supper started, too. Here's to a great Monday and a hope that the sunshine lasts at least most of the way through Tuesday!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gazing into the Fairy Pool

Rainy, gray morning. Fairy pools forming everywhere in the yard. Starlings stealing kernels of corn off an unshelled cob that fell off the porch. Robins bobbing across the front lawn in search of juicy worms. Highest branches in the maple trees, covered in buds, swaying in the spring wind.

I tiptoe out the door, camera in hand, looking for a special picture to capture the moment.
Found her, gazing into the fairy pool.

May your day be magical, too. Peace, Ang

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sculpting Is What I Do

Sculpting, it's what I do. It's what makes me want to torch, even on a day like today when no particular theme or idea is knocking on my creative door.

Well, actually, this sculpture keeps calling me, each time I walk by my newly rearranged desk. She lies to the side, an unfinished but powerful piece of glass patiently waiting for me to frame her in some way that will display her to full advantage.

So, today, I head to the torch a bit later than my usual, with a bit less detailed inspiration than usual but with a nonetheless powerful calling. You know I will be back to talk some more, but now the mood is silent and contemplative and I just want to melt and mold a substantial piece of glass into a figure that will jump out at my mind and say, "Tag, you're it" every time I glimpse it :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whatcha Reading Today?

Whatcha reading today? Go on, leave a comment and tell us what you've been perusing lately. It's fun to hear what interests other people explore when they dive between the pages! Other worlds open up to you when you read a book. Right there in your own home, you can hop on your imagination and travel to other places and other times. I've been all around the world in my lifetime, even though my passport will show you that I've only set foot in Canada and the Bahamas when I was out of the U.S.of A.

The joys of reading are many for me, always have been. Even now that I have other all-consuming interests such as children and glass work, the joys of reading have not diminished. Reading is actually a big part of those other parts of my life. My children have always been given books for play and exploring, as well as having them read aloud. Now, at almost 6 and almost 7, they have their very own library cards. It's fun to watch them stalk the shelves in the children's section of the library, searching for books that are "check-out worthy" on a day when their limit is still only five books/movies. James still leaves room for a movie or two in his limit, but Kate says "books are better" and fills her limit with books about cats!

Oh, and the glass work connection-- it's a strong one! Without the many books I've checked out so that I can ogle pictures and skim ideas, I would've missed lots of creative fodder for my glass art. Used to be, I checked out library books with the intent to read them one by one, cover to cover, but not any more. Life is too short to waste time on regimented reading of non-fiction books! Get yourself a big stack of all sorts of books, and enjoy shuffling through them! Right now, my 20 book limit is filled with titles such as these:

Weird Illinois: Your Travel Guide to Illinois' Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets
Gypsy Magic
The Race to Save the Lord God Bird
Forty Acres and a Fool
Ritual of the Wind: North American Indian Ceremonies, Music, and Dances
Crow Chief
The Quest for the Shaman

So, howzabout you? Whatcha reading nowadays?