Tuesday, April 15, 2008

25 twentyfivedollar items in 25 days!

Today is Day 9, and I've got lots to do to get some pictures and listings going for ya! I'm loving this sale because it's making me really catch up on putting some things together. Of course, I had to actually straighten my giant desk (almost a yard deep, and about 5 feet wide) before I realized exactly how many pieces of glass were waiting patiently for me to listen to them and help them find their spot in the creative world!

Here's a link to and an explanation about the sale:

Hey, chatting with some glass junkie friends on Saturday evening gave me an idea. Ya know, I understand that sculptures aren't on the list of practical things to buy, and I know the rising gas bills and mutating and expanding grocery bills are eating up spending money in lotsa households. . . but why should you give up art, and why should I give up creating it?? So, there ya go, the impetus for the "25 twentyfivedollar ITEMS in 25 days!" sale :)

Guess what else is happening? Argonne Gallery will be opening on Sunday, April 20th, in Kirkwood, Missouri. I am so excited to be included among the artists whose work will be shown there!

Now, to make all these things run smoothly, I'm going to get to work listing several "days" or items for the 25/25/25 sale ahead of time. . . and once that sale is gone, my dual focus will be on creating sculptures for the gallery and more bead size goodies for my Etsy shop.

Hmmm, sounds like I should be working instead of typing. Better get moving, Ang

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