Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boring Grainy Rain Video with Daylight Flashes of Lightning!

Yep, it's pretty boring until you get to the flashes of lightning that illuminate the entire front yard. Those are pretty spectacular. It wasn't just streaks of lightning here last night. It was the kind of lightning that makes the security lights turn off because they are fooled into thinking it is daylight. It was the kind of lightning that always happens during dramatic scenes in mystery or adventure movies. You know, that kind that always gives you a glimpse of the bad guys in the act of doing whatever dastardly deed haunts the hero now.

James was getting scared of the storm, and I was trying unsuccessfully to convince him it was a good storm to watch. He did get distracted by the crazy mom actually putting her camera on the front porch and leaving it there to record a few minutes of the storm. Aha! We started talking about the camera being out of the rain, the lightning making the horizon visible, and the beauty of viewing a storm from inside a snug and safe house.

I surely wasn't gonna tell the kid about the memory of Aunt Ella Mae telling ghost stories on a stormy night like this one! Oh my gawd, pee in your pants scaredy cat ghost stories being told while the storm raged just outside the unlocked screen door! Stories that made me wish I could get up and leave the living room, except that I was too scared of what claw might grab my leg as I wandered through the kitchen. Stories that made me wish I could close my eyes and be right back at home, except that if we'd called our mom and dad at that time of night asking them to drive an hour in the rain on slick roads with steep dropoffs just because Aunt Giggles was doing a good job of story telling. . . well, let's just say that after she caught her breath from laughing so hard, my mother wouldn't have had a problem turning over and returning to sleep. Aunt Ella Mae was always smiling and laughing, hence the nickname Aunt Giggles. She was as sweet as she could be, and looking back, I'm pretty sure those "scary" stories were of the "give me back my hand" fourth grade spooky nature. I was just an incredible scaredy cat! In fact, I still am a lot of the time :)

Some other stormy night, when James and Kate are older, I'll paint the picture of that living room with Rose Marie, Doris Jean, Soupie, Serada (sorry, can't remember how to spell her name), and me huddled close to Aunt Giggles as she whispered those ghost stories. I'll make them feel the eyes that must've been watching and waiting from just outside the unlocked screen door. . .

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