Friday, April 25, 2008

DandelionSmandelions, Peas on Earth, & Spring!

Wanna take a walk around my yard? It's springtime here, and the dandelions are stealthily trying to gain ground before anyone notices. . . but you know what? I secretly adore them, those wispy white seeds that look like miniature geodesic domes, those buttery velvet sunshine flowers that precede the miniature domes. I also adore the spring flavor imparted in the delicate green shade of a brand new leaf, as well as the first appearance of "helicopters" along the maple branches. Ah, beautiful day here, hope it is the same for you!


Anonymous said...

Dandelion lovers unite! I love them too Angie....they take me back to my childhood!


ellen said...

Only YOU could make those yellow weeds sound beautiful!
I thought we were the happiest to see spring up here in Michigan but you just might have us beat.

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Ellen! I do love them, but I promise I won't make any wishes with the wind blowing the seeds near your yard if I'm ever up that way :) I know they're weeds, but it seems sometimes that my green-thumb is non-existent and weeds are the only things I can grow, lol