Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Funky New Glasses, Funky New Sculptural Attempts...

Whaddya think of the funky new glasses? Don't answer that unless it's you put it nicely, Bubby, okay? I may be goofy, and I may have well-padded skin, but it can be thin in spots, nonetheless ;-)

Anyway, I kinda like the glasses for something different. I usually wear my contacts, but when I picked these up today I just had to take out the contacts and put on the glasses. Ah, aren't ya glad your life is more exciting than mine? Geez, I get my thrill of the day from a pair of glasses!

Okay, I'm getting ready to get some flaming thrills at the torch tomorrow, though! Haven't gotten to torch much lately, so I've been concentrating on putting together things already made. But I am itching to get back to the business of sculpting molten glass in a freaking hot flame! This sculpture I am holding in the picture is one of my best ever, but alas, she cracked. . .and to add insult to injury, the cracks weren't even in the physically appropriate places!

But it's all about the journey, it really is. Detours are put in your path for a reason. They slow you down enough to let you learn new things!

Happy Traveling in Your Journies, Peace, Ang


Fran said...

Well, I think the glasses are phat, and on you they look killer!

Anonymous said...

Well big sis this is little bubby been busy at work so at 9:55 I'm typing this . WELL I thought this was a public space , so I'd keep the glass's . they look good .

Anonymous said...
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