Monday, April 7, 2008

PowWows, Eraser Clay, and Sneaking up on Ducks

Yep, those are just a few of the things we did this past weekend. Victoria, Tanner, and Uncle Steve came down on Saturday, so we took Victoria with us to a Pow Wow at Washington University in St. Louis. We got to sit up close to the floor thanks to Stacy the Potawatami Firekeeper, a fellow glass junkie. Sharon, another glass junkie, was there, too, and she brought the kiddos some Eraser Clay. After walking around the Pow Wow a bit, we all went out to eat at Fitz's in the Loop. That's where we caught up with yet another glass junkie, Patti, and her daughter. Oh, wait, then another glass junkie, Melissa, joined us at Fitz's for a bit before she went to her show.

The kids could hardly wait to try the eraser clay, so we did that Sunday morning. Then, after a quick trip to get Tory a pair of boots, we took off across the field, exploring at the creek and trying to get close to a stray duck that's turned up at the neighbor's pond.

Whew. I could write so much about all the fun we had, but I'm still playing catchup and need to get supper started, too. Here's to a great Monday and a hope that the sunshine lasts at least most of the way through Tuesday!

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