Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sculpting Is What I Do

Sculpting, it's what I do. It's what makes me want to torch, even on a day like today when no particular theme or idea is knocking on my creative door.

Well, actually, this sculpture keeps calling me, each time I walk by my newly rearranged desk. She lies to the side, an unfinished but powerful piece of glass patiently waiting for me to frame her in some way that will display her to full advantage.

So, today, I head to the torch a bit later than my usual, with a bit less detailed inspiration than usual but with a nonetheless powerful calling. You know I will be back to talk some more, but now the mood is silent and contemplative and I just want to melt and mold a substantial piece of glass into a figure that will jump out at my mind and say, "Tag, you're it" every time I glimpse it :)

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