Friday, April 11, 2008

Sculpture Sold, Cat Didn't, All Is Right with the World :)

Abundant Flora Spirit Peeking from the Leaves sold.
Moochie didn't.
All is right with the world this morning :)

Let me tell you about this crazy cat, our black and orange "Halloween" cat. She would just as soon smack me as let me pet her if I make the first move. In true cat fashion, however, if I am busy with something, then she absolutely must have my attention immediately. She is an outdoor kitty, but if she can sneak her body inside, then she doesn't want to cozy up in anyone's lap. Noooooo, she wants to hog my comfy desk chair all by herself and take a loooooooong snooze in it. She will let Katie carry her around like a baby doll, but pick her up, then she can't escape fast enough. Of course, if I attempt to sit in the sunshine and read a book on the deck, then she insists upon sitting on the pages of the book.

If I want to snap some quick pictures while supper is simmering on the stove, then the Moocher feels compelled to wrap herself between me, the camera, and the sculpture in question. . . which is why this picture didn't quite capture her nosiness to the full extent since I couldn't untangle the camera strap and point the camera at her until she unfolded herself and walked casually away!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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